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Many people like the approaching end-of-year, "it's good to wind-down, there are holidays" etc. I inevitably find myself a little manic as I want to get more of my unending list of things completed by the end of the year. Busy people never have enough time. Just as in the last post I'd produced around ten thousand words of content in a few days, this post also sees several thousand words completed in the past few days mainly in various gaming subjects again, such as Papers & Paychecks and RPG Review 41, but also for Exalted China and Eclipse Phase based on two game sessions this week. The Exalted China episode, entitled The Hanging Garden, was very much in the classic mythic Chinese style with a tragic romance, a hungry ghost, and a jealous warlord. Today's Eclipse Phase game evolved escaping from the clutches of the malicious Chinese supercomputer, 'Mogwai', from Vostok base in Antarctica, thus the scenario title, The Devil in the Icehouse, which also involved planned Dyson Spheres and a future Shkadov thruster.

Apropos caught up with Yaoping G., for lunch this week. We shared a conference session earlier this year on the philosophy of technology in the Netherlands, and we have a mutual interest in science fiction (her paper on The Man in the High Castle is a worthy read). Apart from such intellectual meeting of minds, the other major social event of the past few days was the annual Willsmere Christmas party. We did catch up with a few locals and took some time hanging out in what was supposed to be children's petting zoo. Of course being big kids we stayed for quite some time with visiting sheep, goat, rabbits etc. Finally, despite my own protests to the contrary, it looks like I will finish yet another Golden Owl before the year ends - specifically Spanish to Esperanto. It turns out that I have several three-quarter finished trees in my cross-language efforts and many of these are coming to an end, which contributes to what will be a very productive 2018.


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