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The past few days has seen me write over ten thousand words for a variety of projects, mostly scenarios for Papers & Paychecks, articles and material for RPG Review Issue 41, write-ups for Exalted China, unexpectedly completing another Golden Owl for Duolingo (Italian to English) and, as a complete aside, a small number for my final tutorial discussion on "The Internet of Things" for Digital Innovations, where I took a pretty dark turn on the subject. The combination of artificial expert systems, militarisation, and miniaturisation is an issue that has troubled me for some time, and I am yet to encounter a convincing argument that says that with each step in military technology we bring our own species-extinction a little closer. I have also written a few paragraphs on a new Norwegian comedy, or more to the point, how Norway can have such a comedy show by having an equivalent of a mining tax, and Australia missed out.

In happier events, yesterday was the eight-year anniversary of [ profile] caseopaya unofficially tying the knot. We had a pretty delicious dinner at Estivo, a local restaurant with an excellent reputation (even if the decor was a little modern for my taste) and sadly downed our last bottle of 2012 Glenlofty Shiraz-Viognier, but of course there are plenty more other bottles in the cabinet. Postage being what it is my half of the gifting exchange has not been delivered yet, but I am the recipient of some adorable French hedgehog cufflinks. In many ways, the event encapsulated much about our relationship; Epicurean, functional, content, and low-stress. There are some aspects of more wild and passionate affairs of my youth which I can reminisce with both happiness and hysteria, and I certainly wouldn't want to begrudge such experiences to others - I'll be damned if I become one of those grumpy old men who complains about young people having fun.

Date: 2018-12-19 06:09 pm (UTC)
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Happy Anniversary! :) French hedgehog cufflinks sound really cute!

Date: 2018-12-28 10:27 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] helvetica
Ahaha I can certainly tell they are very cute, I love them!


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