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On Saturday made a trip up to PopCon in Ballarat. I think we spent as almost much time in the car as we did in Ballarat itself, and the person we intended to give a surprise visit Dr. Nic Moll of Owlman Press wasn't there due to a family emergency, although the artist of his work, Adam Gillespie, was there. We had a bit of chat and meandered around the fairly well-organised, if small, con. Ballarat has a population of around one hundred thousand compared to Melbourne's estimated five million, so one should not be too shocked to discover the disparity between event sizes. As we made our way back home received a 'phone call from Brendan E., whom we were planning to have dinner with. The ranting old man had tried to jump a fence and in the process broke his wrist - so the visit was delayed the following day where we went around to offer both sympathy and a ribbing; we also watched an episode of Utopia (UK, 2013), which remains deliciously intense.

Over the past few days I've written a couple of reviews and an article. I have my continuing saga with the dodgy laptop people now expressed as open prose in the 'blog entry Not The Best Customer Service (, which now acts as a review of said company. In the Rocknerd side of things, and coming in about two months late, I have gotten around to writing my review of Blue Man Group in Berlin. Presumably my review of The The will not take nearly as long. Finally, as an article I have composed the relationship between Justice, Emotions, and Reason, arguing that it is rational to advocate for justice and against discrimination and unfairness. The emotions that it brings forth are from deeply-considered convictions rather than deeply-ingrained prejudices.

In all the extra spare time that I have, I've been mostly working on RuneQuest related matters. Having completed a system review of 1st edition RQ, I've turned my attention to 2nd edition which is a lot more time-consuming as I'm looking for differences (there isn't many). Further, I'm working on a new edition of Questlines which will double as RPG Review Issue 40, the 10th anniversary issue. Caution is necessary as I'm picking up more than a couple of references in articles about the sapient ducks which inhabit the default gameworld. Too many ducks could spoil the broth (hmmm, maybe Glorantha needs a small state called Freedonia). Just as well these hobbit-substitutes did not intervene in the actual game on Sunday, that involved Broo (and puns were abound). Still, I am sure it's only a matter of time.


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