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Today is the fiftieth anniversary of when a mewling bastard was thrust into this watery pale blue dot located in the Orion Arm of the immediate galaxy. In Invercargill no less, if you could find cold and dark in distant corner of the world, whose few charms include the howling winds of the Southern Ocean mixed with a Scottish brogue. Despite all this, I have nevertheless arranged to have a dinner with some of my oldest and closest friends tonight at a local Indian restaurant. I narrowed the number down to 25, partially in disdain of marking the 50th as something overwhelmingly special (as is the recent trend), because half of 50 seems right, given that they are assuredly in two minds about me at the best of times. Alas, [personal profile] funontheupfield will not be present as he'd already planned a camping trip - to Stewart Island ironically. Yesterday he sent a photograph of my birth town which, by chance, included the old maternity ward where I was born (which actually does have some local historical interest).

Such days are meant to provide opportunities of reflection of one's life choices and some have even suggested advice for the younger generation. Being born of European heritage in a first world country is a hell of an advantage in life, even if one starts on the bottom rung of such societies. Much of the argument for equality comes from the deep structural and pervasive injustice that continues to punish individuals and damages our aggregate collective potential. Engage in guilt free and harmless Bohemianism in your youth (whilst you still can), and transition to Epicureanism as you age (you'll need to) and don't forget the aesthetic dimension. Develop a useful and enjoyable technical skill for an increasingly complex society - not only does it provide a living income, it also means you have an increasing ability and opportunity to avoid working for unpleasant places and people. Travel, both locally and to foreign lands, and immerse one's self in natural beauty and cultural diversity. Be generous, kind, and understanding of your own preferences and those of others. Live life to the fullest and with the greatest quality, because you will have one foot in the grave soon enough, wondering where your time went.

Date: 2018-01-20 06:26 am (UTC)
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As the oldest person on the internet, barring certain world leaders, I sat here and waited for everyone else to turn 50! 50 is the new 30!

Funny enough, I saw myself as an epicurean when I was younger and have now become a bohemian!!!


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