Feb. 22nd, 2017

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In the remaining two days Dunedin found the time to visit the art gallery. I usually pooh-pooh it because it has an unhealthy obsession with abstract art (don't they know it was a CIA plot?) and pointless installation pieces, both of which I particularly loathe. This time however they had an exhibition by a local genius Kushana Bush who uses modern subject matter in a Indo-Persian medieval style. Also managed to catch a good portion what appeared to be a Scottish music festival. Slept quite poorly that night courtesy of freshman students discovering the joys of orientation week. Get off my lawn.

Arriving in Wellington I stayed in Mount Victoria, very close to a famous scene from the Lord of the Rings. Not that I managed to see much of Wellington, except for the harbourside and Shed 6 where Multicore World was held. But my goodness, what a conference it is - small (around seventy people), but three days of a packed agenda with some of the best IT minds in the world, including John Gustafson, Tony Hey, Michelle Simmons, [livejournal.com profile] paulmck and many more. I think my own paper went reasonably well, but certainly there were many others that were right on the pointy end of core issues in computer science. Plus there was a couple of politicians who dropped in to visit, including Clare Curran who is something of a regular. After the three days of conferencing managed to get to have dinner with [livejournal.com profile] mundens and Joe G., making it my only non-conference/work social activity since arriving. Tomorrow morning, it's off to Cambridge to visit the good people at Nyriad.


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