Eclipse Pictures

Aug. 22nd, 2017 01:47 am
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My awesome partners, [personal profile] teaotter & [personal profile] amberite, and I all went out to Madras Oregon (which lies at the center-point of the totality, and had over 2 minutes of visible corona). We went with friends, most of whom went out there on Saturday, we ventured out on Sunday, because we were all camping in a soccer field (the campgrounds was a fund raiser for the local Little League). We were worried about traffic, but were only half correct. Driving out to Madras took the normal 2.5 hours in minimal traffic. We left 30 minutes after totality and getting home took us 7.5 hours, and it would have been longer if [personal profile] teaotter had not suggested I download a map of Madras offline onto my phone (since all data and phone services were mostly overloaded to uselessnes), and we located farm roads on Google Maps that got us past one of several accidents that brought traffic to an actual stop. OTOH, the experience was amazing.

Madras is in eastern Oregon, in the desert, and the sunset on Sunday night was incredible. Click here for 2 images of Madras sunset, and 7 of the eclipse )

Fa'afafine video

Aug. 22nd, 2017 08:38 am
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Not sure if the first link is going to work for people outside Australia, because it is from on-demand TV from a public broadcaster, so I've included the Facebook link as well.

Interesting short documentary interviewing three fa'afafines and how they experienced being raised that way. Of the three, two have positive things to say, while the third was badly bullied and discusses their resultant substance abuse. This is a very honest bit of media, and mostly focuses on the social aspects--one of the people interviewed comments that it is really common that explorations of what it means to be fa'afafine focus on [paraphrase] 'what they have in their pants, and who they have sex with'.

The SBS/direct link.

the Facebook link

edited to get rid of a very poorly used phrase

Dreaming my family issues

Aug. 22nd, 2017 07:33 am
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This morning, the alarm went off in the middle of a dream where I had been called up to speak at my father's funeral, despite the fact that I had said I didn't want to. At that point, I hadn't said anything yet, but I think my first thought after 'argh, alarm' was 'what do I have to say that won't mess this up for other people'.

Basically, all I could think about when half asleep was either angry or bitchy. And there might be large swathes of my family I'm not keen on, but I'm sure that they will be genuinely grieving, and my whole 'never emotionally available, despite being the only person I have/had a hope of getting closure on some of the shit my mother did' issue is my issue and I shouldn't be venting it on them. least I don't have funeral/dealing with the death dreams about my mother or my ex-husband any more..

Creativity Welcomed

Aug. 21st, 2017 01:12 pm
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NAME: Amy Carter

AGE: Just turned 41 on August 5th


LOOKING FOR: Like minded creative individuals that is into comic cons, cosplay and learning things and / or brainstorming right along with me. I would not say that I am 'pro' though others may disagree with that. I just like to being creative, experiment and see what happens. Feel free to check out my interests to see if we're a good match.

ANYTHING ELSE?: This account is just my sewing account, nothing 'personal' per say. I am currently working on moving my cosplay stuff over to this dreamwidth account from my LiveJournal account. It is quite a slow process so please bare with me. Also most of my costumes are MERMAIDS! *ahem* I have a slight obsession. ;p

ALSO KNOWN AS: [personal profile] sinicallytwisted <--- My art journal, which is also being worked on. ;)

More on 45

Aug. 21st, 2017 04:53 pm
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Now, what makes me think that Trump was trying to gouge another few percent from the Secret Service in order to allow them to do the job they are no longer being payed for, having hit their overtime cap.

All his accusations about Obama taking vacations, costing civil and Secret service money and time, now look rather tame when one considers 45's first seven months of office.

America. This is insane. This is an insane situation. I'm sorry I repeated myself. It is for emphasis. We can read between the lines and draw conclusions ourselves. You have an asset-stripper in charge. Sooner or later it just becomes good business for 45 to sell the family silver alongside the family secrets to the highest bidder. Let's hope the Koch Brothers can outbid Uncle Vlad or Chinacorp <sur>TM</sur>.

The thing is, his supporters will still support him and consider themselves patriots. It's almost like they don't understand what words mean, or live in a Cheshire Cat reality where words mean only what he says they mean.

Maybe official business needs to be carried out at official residences and places of work. This maybe Trump's actual legacy to the White House: after his egregious usage of the office for his own business advantage, it appears that constitutional checks aren't working properly, and need either restating, or reformulating to prevent abuse..
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All right, we got that everyone hastily equating the neo-Nazis to the "other side" of the "many sides" is a closet racist, fascist, Nazist, and other nasty sorts of -ist. Now that we've got that out of the way, could I please inquire about something?

Why the sudden surge of Confederate-related monuments planned for demolition? Why now? I mean, hundreds of memorials, memorial plates and signs, etc, have now been planned for removal. All of them related to the so called "Southern heritage" in some way. Even in places that were never on Confederate territory. We've got the Historical Revisionism topic this month here, right? I think this is part of the topic as well. The Civil War has been gone for a century and a half, and more. These memorials have been there for decades. Why this "spontaneous" attempt for a new reading of US history? Seems a bit strange to me, the timing I mean. Could it have something to do with Trump being president? Could it be an attempt to stick it to the Douche-in-Chief in some way? Could it have something to do with the orchestrated "Fake News" cannonade against him? (Would be sooo SAD if it were so!)

More dumb questions... )

Funny that

Aug. 21st, 2017 03:20 pm
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